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    The FreshStart Roleplay Whitelisted Community is welcoming you to join us as we open our very own PUBLIC FIVEM SERVER!! This server will be open for anyone to join at any time. We do have rules in place for all members of the FiveM Community to follow as you join our servers. The following information will explain how you can join the server and start playing NOW


    The FreshStart Roleplay Public server is now open! The Administration and Development Team worked very hard to provide the best public server that FiveM has to offer. If you would like to get in and help create awesome scenes, please join the FSRP Main Discord & Civilian Discord to get started. 

    At this time, you MAY stream or post recordings of your gameplay. All we ask is you let the staff team know you are doing so. 

    You must meet the minimum age requirement of 16+ and follow Civilian SOP & Community policies, you must also log into Sonoran CAD by following the CAD Sign Up Instructions. Failure to comply may result in being kicked or banned by member of staff. 


  • Whitelisted and Public Positions

    The FreshStart Roleplay Public Server will offer access to all members of the FiveM Community to join in and play as a Civilian. If you wish to be a member of a specific department (Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Etc) you MUST apply on the FreshStart Roleplay website (www.freshstartroleplay.com). Applications are quick and easy so do not be afraid to apply.

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